Terms of Engagement

The full terms and conditions of Dalcorp Accounting Service are set out in our Terms of Engagement (Terms) document that can be downloaded and viewed using the link below;


By engaging our firm to provide accounting, taxation and business services, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of Dalcorp Accounting Services as set out in the document linked above and are bound by them.

This Agreement is constituted by these Terms and any other later document that we advise you becomes part of, or varies this Agreement.  These Terms confirm our understanding of the nature and the limitations of the services we will provide to you.  We may also detail further limitations on the scope of our engagement with you in a fee proposal, email communication and associated correspondence specific to the particular engagement.

An engagement will start when you, or someone authorised by you, either completes and signs a new client engagement form, an authority to proceed form or makes a specified upfront payment as listed on the fee proposal specific to your engagement.  Please also note, that if you fail to return a signed acceptance but continue to use our services this will also be taken as acceptance of the terms of engagement.